Colour Change Photo Mug


This modern matt finish gives sharp and crisp bright colours as it does not reflect light, making your designs really stand out.

When hot liquid is added to the mug the thermochromic inks become transparent and the printed image is revealed, strong and bright.

As the mug cools the thermochromic coating is restored to its original colour. Please note that the image is partly visible when cold.

Although the mug is microwave safe, please avoid prolonged heating. The mug should be removed from the microwave oven as soon as the colour change process is complete to maintain the condition of the mug. Due to the specialist nature of the heat sensitive coatings, this mug is not dishwasher safe and should not be cleaned with harsh abrasives. We suggest hand washing only with mild detergents in moderate temperatures.

Size: Approximate dimensions 90mm high x 80mm diameter.

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